Details of Basic Listings and Eighth-page adverts can be forwarded to us via email, fax, post, or by hand. We will apply our standard fonts and formats. Basic Listings can have up to 6 lines and Eighth-Page adverts can have up to 12 lines.  Keep in mind that the business name may be taking up 2, 4 or even 6 of these lines depending on the number of characters.


Any images supplied should be high enough resolution for quality printing (300 dpi), but keep in mind that high resolution cannot fix a poor image. Note that images prepared for the internet are usually less than 100 dpi and are not high enough resolution for printing. Vector images are preferable.


Commercial printing is very different to printing something from your computer. Matching your colours can be difficult as your home computer and commercial printing work with different colour systems. We work with CMYK colours – RGB is only for screen colour.


When you supply your advert to us it will generally have an embedded subsection of your fonts for printing. If we need to edit it we will need these fonts on our system or will need to replace the fonts with ours. We prefer that you do not convert fonts to outlines.


The preferred way to provide us with your advertisement is as a high quality, “ready-to- insert” PDF with settings for High Quality Print or Press Quality.


Making a change to a PDF or JPG can be difficult. If you require us to make changes to your advertisement, we sometimes need the original working files rather than the PDF. This is not a problem for text adverts.


We can generally cope with various file formats. Adobe pdf’s are the safest.